QuickStart Guide


RoverWing board contains a number of through the hole components whose pins protrude at the bottom of the board and are not insulated. If these pins come in contact with any metal, it could result in a short circuit which could permanently damage the board or even cause a fire. Thus, make sure to only place RoverWing on insulated surfaces - for example, do not place it on your work table littered with random screws.

To get started with your RoverWing board:

  1. Plug in your Feather board into the socket in the middle of RoverWing. You can use any Feather board or a 3rd party board that meets Adafruit’s Feather specifications.
  2. Connect a power source (7-14V) to RoverWing, using the XT30 connector. Make sure that you use correct polarity! The green LED next to the power connector should light up, and the small NeoPixel indicator LED should start blinking green. Also, your Feather should now be powered, so you should see the LEDs on the Feather board light up.
  3. Connect the Feather board to the computer using a USB cable. Start Arduino IDE on your computer and install the RoverWing Arduino Library as described in RoverWing Library Guide.


The USB cable should be connected to the USB port of the Feather board, not the USB port of RoverWing board! (The USB port of the RoverWing should only be used for updating the firmware.)

  1. Go to File->Examples menu in the Arduino IDE. Scroll down to section Examples from custom libraries, and among other libraries, you should see RoverWing. (If you do not see it, you may need to restart the Arduino IDE; if you still do not see it, it means something went wrong with library installation.) Select ConnectionTest.
  2. Open the serial monitor of Arduino IDE (from the Tools menu) at 9600 baud. After it opens, upload and run ConnectionTest sketch. If you see on serial monitor RoverWing is connected! followed by the firmware version and voltage level, then everything is set. You can now connect other peripherals (motors, sonars, servos,…) and run other example sketches.


It is advised that you disconnect the power from the RoverWing board before connecting peripherals.